Ushba Urooj Architect in Quetta, Co-founder & Chief Architect at Studio3 Design and Art Consultant, working for 8 years as an Elevation Artist.
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I’m Ushba Urooj, Co-founder & Chief Architect at Studio3 Design and Art Consultant, an Art and Design agency based in Quetta, Pakistan. 

I have been working for the past 8 years in the field of Architecture as an Elevation Artist, as well as in other aspects of Architecture including Studio work, Fieldwork, Education, Social initiatives, and Community welfare.

My Architectural narrative revolves around Minimalistic and Contemporary Architecture, incorporating Geometric shapes, Curves, Angles, Structural repetitions, Open and Spacious Floor plans, Well-managed and Proportionate spaces, Large windows, mixed materials, and Natural lighting, with an emphasis on introducing dynamic elements.

Throughout my Architectural journey, I have collaborated with various clients, providing them with customized solutions for each project by integrating local traditions, natural elements, and contemporary needs.

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